Route Info

Route Information

For the 2016 Huntsman Triathlon we have been working with local triathlon legend Karl Alexander in designing brand new and exciting routes for the cycle and run sections of the Huntsman. All route information and maps are available below!

The Huntsman will include a swim in the beautiful Hawley Lake, a road cycle following some of Hampshire's most idyllic and quiet country roads and finishing with a stunning trail run through the Hawley Common forest.

Thanks Karl for all your help :-)

Route Distances GPS Profile Challenge Rating Price
Swim: 1500m
Cycle: 40km
Run: 10km


Swim: 750m
Cycle: 20km
Run: 5km



Route Maps

Please note: the Olympic Distance cycle and run are 2 laps of the sprint route.

Huntsman Triathlon Olympic Distance Cycle Route and Profile (x2 Laps):


Huntsman Triathlon Olympic Distance Run Route and Profile (x2 Laps):




Huntsman Triathlon Sprint Distance Cycle Route and Profile:


Huntsman Triathlon Sprint Distance Run Route and Profile (X1 Lap):